Tonight I let B stay up a little late to watch Casper with me – a movie we’ve watched every Halloween for many years now.  It’s silly and sweet, just like we are.  Tonight it occurred to me that it’s also inclusive, but you’ll have to watch it to see what I mean.

So, at the quickie chalice lighting (which essentially means we didn’t actually light the chalice but still did the thankful part), he was thankful for traditions.  I was thankful he’s not too old for Casper.

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Straw consumption

Tonight we raked the straw the boys pounded loose from the straw bales at the pumpkin party this weekend, when they ran around on the tops of them – I had originally told B he would have to do the raking since he made the mess, but it was late and it’s supposed to rain tonight.

And I’m a pushover.  He was working so hard!  Anyway, we got it done, and played with the little ones next door as we worked.

At the chalice lighting tonight, mythankfulboy offered up baseball.  The older he gets, the more he eats, sleeps, and breathes it.  He was secondarily thankful for fire, and its consumption of said straw.  I was thankful for being able to share the bounty of pulled pork and corn chowder with a neighbor who was very excited to have lunch taken care of for the rest of the week.

Blessings multiplied.

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Thanks, in terms he understands


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Nice hair, B

Mythankfulboy got a spiffy new haircut this afternoon, and he looks so handsome.   I was SURE he would be thankful for it at our evening chalice lighting.  In fact, he had the day off from school today and he weeded, stacked wood, disassembled part of a pagoda, mowed, and weed-whacked in order to earn the haircut.  He was particularly motivated because of an announcement he paid to be made during the intercom announcements tomorrow morning at school.  Apparently they can pay a dollar to send a “shout out” to someone, the only rule being that it be a positive message.  Last week B bought one that said “Nice hair B!  From B”.   Then over the weekend he begged to get his hair cut.  You can see the power I had to get some work done around the house…

So, back to the point that I was SURE he would be thankful for his new, cool, hair, or for the lovely woman who cut it, but he was actually thankful for the crime shows Law and Order and Criminal Minds.  A boy after my own heart.  So, I was thankful for his great new ‘do, and for all the hard work that led up to it.  What a good boy.

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Power of the chalice

Nothing gets you ready for a chalice lighting like having a shouting argument with a construction worker.

Yes, last night was a late night at work and a race to mythankfulboy’s dad’s house to retrieve him and get us both to bed. Almost home, and traffic was stopped for repaving. A construction worker waved a light stick to instruct our line of cars into which lane to go. We followed what we thought were her instructions. For some reason, the worker chose my car out of the group, walked over, knocked on the window, and when I rolled it down yelled at me for messing up the traffic pattern. Now, it takes a lot to make me raise my voice. It is not that I don’t get angry, it’s just that I tend not to be loud when I’m angry. Until tonight, when I yelled right back at this worker. It was an out of body experience.

So, when I got to B just a few minutes later to find he had dropped his iPod and cracked the screen badly, I wasn’t angry, just spent. He didn’t know what to make of my quietness around this very important issue.

Home, teeth brushed, tucked in, we lit the chalice and sat there quietly. After some time, I asked for what B was thankful. He didn’t answer right away. Eventually, he said, “Being home. And the pumpkin party.” He didn’t ask me tonight for what I was thankful, and I didn’t offer anything. This morning, though, I think I should have said, “I’m thankful for your love, and for the centering, joining power of this chalice.”

This morning B missed the bus. Prayers appreciated.

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Have you been working out?

Tonight we were out of routine, and somehow we forgot the chalice-lighting.  I think it’s only happened once or twice before that we BOTH forgot.  Or maybe it’s because we had several hours together this evening painting a shed (still not done), and we covered a lot of conversational ground. One thing jumps out at me now that I settle down to have an individual moment of gratitude.  B happily told me the following story:

Early in the school year this year, a girl at school challenged him to an arm-wrestling match.  He accepted, and he lost.  (“She’s not just any girl mom – she’s, like, tall and muscular, and plays soccer!”)  He recounts this with great animation (while holding a paint brush), and I’m wondering where he’s going with it.  So he challenged her to a rematch this week, and he lost again, but she said she could tell he’d been working out!  Can’t you just imagine her batting her eyelashes and saying “Oh my!  Have you been working out?”  I asked him if he minded losing in front of his friends, and he said “No – it’s just for fun, and she could tell I’m getting stronger.  I think I’ll wait a week and challenge her again.”

God bless him – he may want to wear name brand clothes, and he has a strong tendency to do things other people tell him to do if he thinks they’re friends, but there are some ways he just doesn’t register or just doesn’t care what others think.  And he’s usually got that silver lining thing going on.  (Hey!  I taught him that!)

So, no chalice, but mythankful boy was grateful that a girl noticed he’s been working out.  I’m thankful he doesn’t care what others think, and that I still get to hear what he thinks.  Until some sweet-talking girl comes along.

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A lovely day for an introvert like me.  I worked at my computer in various public places (where there is lots to watch and no one to care what you’re doing), picked up some mulch, painted part of a shed with mythankfulboy, took him to baseball practice and worked at my computer another hour, then mulched a bit, planted flowers in the deck’s flower boxes, and finally accomplished hanging a mirror that had been off the wall for over a year because it is a complicated thing to hang and who has the time for complicated things.

At chalice-time, B had been playing a computer game for a while, but quit when I asked him to and got ready for our nightly thankfulness ritual.  When we lit the chalice, he began a list of things to raise in gratitude: baseball (always), computer (always), no homework (again, always), painting, and potable water.  Actually he said “drinkable”, so I had to have a sidebar vocabulary lesson to kick it up a notch.  He’s used to that, so he said, “Yeah. Potable.  A lot of people don’t have it.”  I didn’t ask why this was on his mind, but we sat in silence reflecting on this for a moment.  He then asked for what I was thankful, and I added the feeling you get when you check things off your list.

Thankful boy – check.

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